There’s an Intel modem as well as an exceptionally slim A10 chip inside the iPhone 7

While the remainder of the apple iphone stressed world was preparing to stand in line

or simply impatiently waiting for their pre-order to show up, the teams at iFixit and also Chipworks were honing their devices like underfed woodchoppers sitting down to a steak dinner. Both sites used liveblogs of their apple iphone 7 (and also 7 And also) teardowns as well as identified some intriguing tidbits in the process, discovering a mobile phone that looks a whole lot extra various on the inside compared to out. Yet first they needed to dig through a great deal of adhesive– a membrane layer of sorts that appears to play a key role in the phone’s newly found water resistance score, together with the haptic residence button, which likewise serves to eliminate a long period of time pain factor of broken buttons.

To name a few concerns, utilizing adhesive as component of the waterproofing process could mean that you lose several of that feature when the phone is repaired.

On the chip front, the A10 is front as well as center. As well as there’s a lot of it externally, with a 125 sq. mm footprint. The chip, which additionally bears the far less remarkable name APL1W24, seems made by TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Production Company), tapped in part as a result of its InFO innovation, which maintains the chip exceptionally slim.

On the system torn apart by Chipworks (A1778), an Intel mobile cellular platform is present, including 2 RF transceivers, power monitoring as well as modem. There might well be Qualcomm manufactured chips on the CDMA A1660 variation, as a result of some CMDA licensing issues for Intel. Information on that is still to come.

Both Hynix and also Toshiba have actually been employed to offer storage for the brand-new phone. As for memory, there’s 2GB on the 7 as well as 3GB on the 7 Plus, inning accordance with the reports.

iFixit’s report gives the handset a bit of a mixed bag on the repairability front. Along with the aforementioned glue, Apple has included yet an additional screw kind, bringing the required screwdriver matter up to 4.

via iFixit, Chipworks

Photo by iFixit